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LsAI's personnel has provided security training since the late 1980's. AFCEA hosted the initial courses which were classified targetting the development of secure solutions for single (SLS) and multi-level (MLS) systems. These courses became available directly to the government agencies and government cleared contractors.

The INTERNET's availability combined with better Web tools permitted the expansion and migration of the security training courses to a greater number of people. These courses were revamped to accommodate the new information technologies, new federal regulations and public laws expanding the audiences range into a global environment thus reducing the per head cost to attend.

These WEB based security awareness training courses required a certain amount of client specific customization. This customization incorporates the agency, department and group's IT Security relevant policies and regulations that employees can relate too and reference quickly. LsAI has just finished 3 year run for a local agency meeting all the reporting requirements stipulated in the 800 series manuals and the agencies managers requirements.

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